From the desk of kiler davenport: fix the world by kiler davenport
think of how much more you could be doing and why you are not doing it
you become the choices you make
stop looking for conclusions and you will do well in life
one must be in relative position to something else to be something at all
the external body sheds its skin hundreds of times during your life
what are you doing to build up and make strong your communities
don't let religion separate you from the true living God
infinity will catch up to you sooner or later
the eye in the sky is watching you
the planet is dying, does anyone care
as long as you stay in the line you will be fine
to grasp reasoning do you have to understand reason
we have to deal with so many politicians here I want to vomit
I just updated my website.
those in the new world order are masters at creating the illusion of freedom
keyboard warriors will never amount to a hill of beans
never think you are too smart to learn new things - #kdlive2018
do you really love thy neighbor as thyself?
let your environment reflect your thinking process
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