I just updated my website.
those in the new world order are masters at creating the illusion of freedom
keyboard warriors will never amount to a hill of beans
never think you are too smart to learn new things - #kdlive2018
do you really love thy neighbor as thyself?
let your environment reflect your thinking process
your past will always follow you
treat your friends as gold and silver for you may need them in time of trouble
seek wisdom and it shall come to you
never think you are too smart to learn new things
the fool and his money shall soon part
most folks have not learned to think about thinking
we the people are letting this country go down the shit hole
you are nothing but a very complex part of the collective
we have the lie, the truth and then what really happened
change only comes through action
how does it feel to live inside this reality you have helped to create
Listened to APRI Broadcasting... @Stitcher @
I just bought my first digital currency on Coinbase - try it!
Conquer the unknown no matter how daunting it may look at first.
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