does anyone want to learn the key to being happy,just learn to be quiet when you had rather talk.
can you please help me get 1000 followers,this will help us save lives,
most people will never come out of their zone,they will forever remain in the dead zone.
love is not lost,it just needs to be realized.
do not ever feel pressured into feeling that you have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend,go with your inner self and live.
if you always do the same old thing in the same old way ,you will always get the same old results.
every breath you take effects the universe,every beat of your heart chances the world around you,so yes you are very important.
their is real people and their is real people,which one are you and yours.
free internet public radio is the last stand in this war to protect our voice and our future.
it is time to tell the children what we have done,it is time to be forthright with them so they might have a chance to prepare.
it is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their communities and teach the children why this action is important.
check out our backyard at destinie radio network
check out our back yard here at destinie radio network
our doors are now open for your creative works.
love is not something we find out there it is something we live inside ourselves.
stop looking for it and you will find her.
peace will not be found in a room full of egos,nor will those with depth of understanding,
wisdom is found in the sweetness of the silence and not in a multitude of words.
the best way to find a wonderful relationship is not to look for one.
why do we wonder what we can do when we already know what to do.
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